About AYE Awards



Young migrants of African origin in Germany have low educational levels. A relatively large proportion of these kids rarely achieve the A level -/Abitur qualification. Moreover a large proportion of them end up dropping out completely and this is quite disturbing.

Another major problem is the lack of incentives to motivate these kids to pursue higher academic goals. It must however be noted that motivation is crucial for success in the educational system, It has not been possible for the German school system to compensate for these deficiencies in schools where children of African descent attend.

African Youth Education Awards is here to fill in that motivational gap. It is a platform where we encourage the Kids to stay in school by awarding them and also introducing them to mentors who also educate them on why they should stay in school.

Set Goals


The goal of the project is to raise the educational and professional achievements of the youths of African origin by empowerment approach.

This would also intensify the campaign and create awareness on the significance of education for the social and professional integration in Germany.

The goal of the project is therefore to motivate the kids in Germany to study hard, but also to expose them and their parents to role models in the society through a network system.

Eligibility for Awards


To be eligible, you must be of African/Carribean origin who has successfully completed vocational studies or a trade in Germany and also all first year university students in Germany. One can register at http://ayeawards.de/registration/.
So far over 40 students from 8 different African countries and 1 Carribean nation have been awarded. The countries include: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Namibia, Togo and Martinique. Over 2000 people have attended the yearly event.