Why Aye Awards

Young people of African origin in Germany have lower educational levels with a large number of them rarely able to achieve the A level/Abitur qualification.

Unfortunately, some of them drop out of school due to myriad of issues and that is quite disturbing.

A major problem is the lack of incentives to motivate young Africans in Germany to pursue higher academic goals. For young Africans to climb higher in the educational ladder as well as in their careers there is the need for motivation and guidance for them to overcome the challenges they meet along the way. 

To provide the needed guidance, TopAfric e.V has initiated the African Youth Education Awards (AYE AWARDS) to fill in the motivational gap.  The Africa Youth Education program provides guidance, coaching and connects young Africans to role models and mentors who support and provide advisory to them on their educational and career pursuits.

The Capstone event of the guidance and mentorship under the Africa youth Education program is the AYE AWARDS which is organized yearly at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to recognise, and award young Africans who are pursuing their university education or undergoing apprenticeship in diverse fields. The recent event which marked the 10th Anniversary of the Africa Youth Education program (AYE) took place in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on the 22nd of October 2022 with attendees coming from different professional fields.



The goal of the project is to empower and raise the educational and professional achievements of young people of African descent in Germany so they can effectively contribute their talents and skills to society.

The project campaigns and creates awareness on the significance of education and skill acquisition for social and professional integration in Germany.

In the nutshell, the project exists to motivate the youth to take their studies and skill development seriously as well as entreat parents to get more involved in providing the needed support for their children career growth.

In the end, the program creates a role model and peer-peer system where the awardees become support system for the other young people.

Eligibility for Awards

To be eligible,

1. You must be of African/Carribean origin

2. Has successfully completed vocational studies or apprenticeship in Germany or in your first year in a university in Germany.

3. register at

So far over 120 students from 14 different African countries and 1 Carribean nation have been awarded.

The countries include Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Namibia, Uganda, Togo, and Martinique. Over 2000 people have attended the yearly event.