Venue -/Date: Since 2011 all the “African Youth Education Award” programs have been held at Albert-Schäfer-Saal, “IHK”, Adolphsplatz 1, 20457 Hamburg. The date for this year´s program is Saturday, 15th of October 2016. The program begins at 18.00 and ends at 21.00 Hrs. Organizers are grateful to the state of Hamburg, especially “Handelskammer” for their relentless assistance.


Patrons: Ghana’s former Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Mr. Paul King Aryene, Stephan Bührich, Honorar consul of Ghana –Hamburg, Associate Prof. Benjamin Armah, (Director of Dr. Armah Biomedicals), Bettina Rhensius-Krohn, Honorar consul of Mali –Hamburg, Gerald Asamoah (Footballer) and Otto Addo (HSV; Trainer).


Endorsements -/Those making the impossible possible: Ambassadors: H.E Paul King Aryene, former Ambassador of Ghana to Germany, H.E. Clémentine Shakembo Kamanga, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo, H.E. Ba Hawa Keita, H.E Akua Sena Dansua, Ambassador of Ghana to Germany , Ambassador of the Republic of Mali and Ambassador Patrick Okoye, Nigeria Embassy Germany.


Politicians: Aydan Özoğuz, (SPD) Minister responsible for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Ex. Bildungssenator Dietrich Wersich (CDU), Ties Rabe (SPD) Hamburg Bildungssenato,  Rudiger Kruse (CDU), MP „Bundestag Abgeordnete“ Berlin, Johannes Kahrs, (SPD) MP „Bundestag Abgeordnete“ Berlin, Jürgen Klimke, Senator Jens Kerstan (Grüne) Hamburg Minister responsible for Energy and Environment. (CDU) MP „Bundestag Abgeordnete“ Berlin Staatsrat. Jan Pörksen (SPD) (Deputy Minister) Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration, Elombo Bolayela (SPD) MP „Abgeordnete“ Bremen, Falko Drossmann (SPD) “Bezirksleiter Hamburg Mitte, Huy-Tam Van, (CDU) MP „Abgeordnete“ –Hamburg, Irene Appiah –SPD, Adeyemi Ademuyiwa –SPD and Mary Porch Oduro –CDU.


Consuls: Hon. Consul. Stephan Burich (Ghana), Hon. Consul. Rheinsius-Krohn (Mali), Hon. Consul. Dr. Hans-J. Tesmer (Senegal) and Hon. Consul Dr. Jens Peter Breitengroß (Kenia) & Vice President, IHK -Hamburg


Embassies: Minister M.O. Ajala, Nigeria Embassy Berlin, Minister George De Souza, Ghana Embassy Berlin, Minister Sitwala Mapenzi, Namibia Embassy Berlin, Minister Connie R. Nuwagaba, Uganda Embassy Berlin, and Minister Maloto Alidah Mpeta, Lesotho Embasssy Berlin. Academicians: Prof. Awudu Abdulai, University of Kiel, Prof. Kofi De Heer,  Associate Prof. Benjamin Armah, Dr. Uwe Heinrichs, Ministry of Education (Schulbehörde) Hamburg, Dr. Getie Galaye, University of Hamburg. Dr. de Lorent „Behörde für Bildung“ Hamburg, Dr. Med. Victoria Manu, Dr. Med. Kingsley Ohene Dokyi, Dr. Frank Kwaw Codjoe, Dr. Aissa Halidou, Dr. Ramani Enusa and Dr. Isaac Berbiye.


Sponsors -/Donors: “Bezirksamt” Hamburg Mitte, Ghana Embassy Berlin, Ghana Consulate Hamburg, “Bezirksamt” Hamburg Wandsbek,Ministry of Education “Schulbehörde” Hamburg –AYEA Education Magazine, “BASFI” Ministry of Works, Social, Family & Integration, Tanzania Consulate -Hamburg, Mali Consulate -Hamburg, ASA Royal Hotel, Dr. Armah Biomedicals GmbH, U.M.T. (Universal Money Transfer), Ogbeiwi Facility Management, Chambers of Commerce (IHK) Hamburg, Stensington International Management Academy and T.W.S. Deutschland GmbH. Alte Eilbeker Apotheke, MansasBest -Hildesheim and Akwaaba Travels


Churches -/Donors: Nord Weltweit, Mission und Ökumene, Ghana Catholic Mission –Hamburg, Presbyterian Church of Ghana -Hamburg, Pentecost Church of Ghana –Hamburg, Chapel of Believers Ministries -Hamburg and Bethel Prayer Ministry International –Hamburg


Prominent -/Donors: Gerald & Linda Asamoah and Otto Addo
Individuals -/Donors: Above 100€ donations- Teddy Danso, Adeyemi Ademuyiwa, Joe Degraft –Ghana Cargo, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Silkata A. Şahin-Adu, s-Plan and Dipl.-Ing. Ohenenana Bonsu -Ayacsa.


Media –/Coverage & Report: Tabotgraphy, Lonam e.V., Ghanaweb, Obapaa Radio, Modernghana, Edikanfo Radio, Bigitives and Francisbm.


Partners -/Special Assistance: Sylvana Gerlich, Imic e.V. Balimaya Ton Hamburg, His Kingdom United, Imasi Chambers “Kanzlei” Kiel. The Word Miracle Church INT., Frau Sabina Werner –Ghana Consulate Hamburg, Irene Appiah – “Motivationsworkshop” Schulbehörde Hamburg, Mrs. Corinna Nienstedt of “Handelskammer Hamburg” Chamber of Commerce, Der PARITÄTISCHE Hamburg, Rosemary Appiah, Mabel Preach Sarkordie, Heike Boadu Kankam and TopAfric crew and internship students (past & present).


Special assist. -/pastors, opinion & community leaders from: Nigeria Community –Hamburg, Mali Community –Hamburg, Niger Community -Hamburg, Ghana Community –Hamburg, Togo Community -Hamburg and Africa Community –Bremen


Special assist. -/Students: Jacqueline Röttger, Yvonne Nass Twerefour, Jeffrey Bediako, Deborah Röttgers, Prince Owusu Sekyere and Anna Boakye.

Educational projects are long term; the involvement of students is very critical and paramount to the sustainability of the project. They must have deep insight knowledge as future leaders; be made to understand the motive behind assignments and are to keep soft and hard copies of all documents. We trust them to do things better and efficient in the near future.


Special assist. -/Music: Ciline Love, Natasha Nomathamsanqaenkosi Manzungu (Tash), Whitney Akowuah, Emmanuel Gyabi, Jeffrey Akowuah, Adeline Schön and Ruth Lomboto and Nigel Aisher –Sound control.
Special assist. -/Catering & Serving: Mrs. Airhenbuwa, Bishop & Rev Adubohene of IPPC –Hamburg, Elizabeth Agyekum Nkansa and Esi Akabutoo.


Critic -/Challenges: Many have questioned the criteria being used in selecting the award winners- they are perfectly right. We however, believe that at this point in our socio-political advancement in Germany, we must design projects to suit our wants.

For now the emphasis shall be laid on the educational campaign and celebrating the kids for their achievements. When we begin to produce 1000 kids per semester, then we would adapt automatically. Give us room to develop.
In 2011 we accepted a student from Martinique in the Caribbean, considered to be part of France. This did not go down well with a section of the gathering. People should understand that majority of the people from the Caribbean have deep roots in Africa. Moreover the child wanted to be part of us, and we are glad we were able to involve her.


Financial challenges: Raising the needed funds to execute the program to its fullest has remained an illusion. The organizers are however determined to keep pushing till we strike luck. We have written to almost all the football stars in Germany to come to our aid. Hopefully one day a few of them might respond and the program would be rescued and sustained in the years ahead.


How does funding help the students -/project: Education is a never ending process. The African Youth Education Award aims at encouraging African youths into enrolling into schools of higher education as well as staying throughout the entire course.
But simply awarding the kids is not enough to keep them in school. We sincerely ask everybody and anybody to come forward and help fund this noble cause. By funding the program, we are able to accomplish the following:

A: Keep track of each enrolled students progress in school
B: Tackle any difficulties that might be hindering them from attending or finishing school
C: Communicate with them on an individual basis so as to encourage them
D: Help them to make the right decisions as to what they truly want to study
E: Keep records of all enrolled students in the higher education system in Germany
F: Help them with petty hindrances which might develop into bigger problems
G: Help them with petty cash issues H: Helping them with difficult classes/courses by appointing knowledgeable tutors and mentors
I: Create recreational activities (such as sports, arts, dancing, singing, music etc…) for all the students to get involved with so as to ease stress from school activities.
J: Most importantly we shall connect these students with community leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, and their educational mentors so that they can have a one on one face to face meeting with such individuals for advice.